Hosting Transfer

How to switch hosts without having any down time

Switching to a new host can be a complicated process. Follow our steps to ensure that your move is smooth and painless.

  1. Take the back-up of your whole website including designing pages, E-Mail IDs and databases.
  2. Upload your website contents and create E-Mail IDs in our new server space through your ftp IP address and control panel.
  3. Finally, put our DNS (Domain Name Server) in your Domain control panel given by the billing department to point your Domain to our server.

Further, a few steps on how to take the back-up of your site has been given below :

For Designed Pages: Copy all your website contents into some external storage media like CDs, DVDs or to your computer by downloading from the old server.

For Mails: Configure all your emails in Outlook or Outlook Express and save them. You can also forward your mails to another website E-mail IDs.